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Percentages adding extra space between last numeral and percentage sign when right aligned - Any fixes?

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  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Brian,

    This is possible and your CSM Reegan Hanigan will be in touch shortly to take care of this for you.

    Thanks for reaching out. 

  • Jaroslaw Slipek

    Hi Isaac Oard, I have the same issue, can I get some assistance with that as well?


    Kind regards,

    Jaroslaw Slipek

  • Mike

    Hi Jaroslaw Slipek! Happy to help here. We'll get you in touch with James Adams who can assist in getting this enabled for you. 

  • Jaroslaw Slipek

    Thanks Mike, waiting to hear from James Adams then.

  • Jill Nardo

    We are having the same issue too.  is this something we can help on too!  Thanks!

  • Isabel Messore

    Yes Jill Nardo, happy to help here!

    We'll get you in touch with Lora Bruton who can assist in getting this enabled for you!


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