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Updating Query Parameter Values in Chains




  • Jeff Hickey

    Hi John, below are suggestions of some commands that may help you to accomplish this goal.

    1. To read a specific cells from a Sheet, use the Get sheet data command.
    2. Get the value that was retrieved in the above step using the Extract value command.
    3. To run a Query from Chains, use the Run query command. Configure the Parameters section to use the Extract value variable from the previous step. For more information, please reference the documentation on using command outputs with other commands.
    4. Finally, the Export query result command can be used to send the results to a specific Sheet within a Spreadsheet.
  • John May


    Thanks for the response, it helped and I was able to fix my problem which was not using the extract value command.

    I'm able to get the query to export automatically within the chain, but if I try to export a view as part of the chain, I can't get the export view to work. 

    Are you able to provide a similar write-up for the export view?

  • Jeff Hickey

    Hello John,

    Yes, there are a number of pivot view commands you can use in your Chain. Below is a list of them:

    The full list of Workiva Chain commands can be found at

    Without knowing the specific error you're seeing, it will be tough to point you in the right direction. But in general, you can get a list of pivots, then download the one you want from the list.


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