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Changes to CDP features in Workiva for 2024 submissions




  • Official comment
    Steve Stegelin

    Related, with the closure of CDP's 2023 submission window, the CDP Questionnaire panel no longer appears for spreadsheets previously created by the Import CDP Questionnaire widget. To refer back to the 2023 CDP questionnaires, you can review their content from ESG Explorer.

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Any update on when the 2024 CDP standards / questionnaire content will be available through the ESG Explorer?

  • RJ Crane


    May 14th CDP has opened up the ORS platform for requesters to navigate the new questionnaire.

    The bullet above states "Instead of the Spreadsheets, you can use ESG Program to craft and collect responses for 2024 submissions, with metric aligned with CDP questions - and additional ESG framework questionnaires"

    I can see how metrics can be tied to the CDP questions, but each data question will still need to be linked to the corresponding Workiva metric. 

    A bigger concern is how do we capture the large volume of content needed to answer the descriptive questions and how do we get that information uploaded into CDP ORS platform?

    Appreciate your thoughts and if you have someone actually executing on this approach, I would love to see it.

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Steve Stegelin or others, any update?

  • Steve Stegelin

    Great questions, RJ Crane!

    When the CDP 2024 content appears in ESG Explorer (which should be very soon, Andrew McKenzie), you'll be able to connect its questions to ESG Program metrics — just as you can with other content — to help collect responses. While CDP will no longer enable spreadsheet templates based on exported questionnaires (as was the case for 2023 submissions), you can still use Spreadsheets or Documents to collect and collaborate on more narrative or qualitative responses, and then connect them as sources for Text values within those metrics.  

    Also unlike 2023, CDP won't enable importing responses into the new CDP Portal given its more tailored experience, but you will be able copy/paste those responses directly from the Factbook or ESG Program to submit them for their corresponding questions. I hope that helps!

  • Steve Stegelin

    Andrew McKenzie (and everyone else), heads up that CDP 2024 is now available in ESG Explorer. Learn more in the Workiva Updates thread:


  • Andrew McKenzie

    Thanks for the update Steve Stegelin!

  • Laura Roskos

    Hi - I'm in ESG Explorer looking at the CDP Corporate Questionnaire 2024. Is there a way to use all the 2024 CDP metrics in ESG Explorer and to make new metrics in the ESG Program while retaining the ESG Explorer 2024 CDP metric details (i.e. same metric name, same metric instructions/selection options)?

    (I don't want to link them to existing ESG Program metrics. I want them added as entirely new metrics.)  

    If so, how can I do that preferably as a bulk process and in a way that will retain all the metric details included in the ESG Explorer? 

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide! Laura

  • Steve Stegelin

    Hi Laura Roskos! You can't currently automatically create ESG Program metrics based on 2024 CDP content through the interface, but we are currently developing something that will enable Workiva to assist in doing just that (shortly), upon request. I'll follow up here once I have more to share, so stay tuned. Thanks much!

  • Steve Stegelin

    Laura Roskos (and everyone else)-

    As I mentioned earlier, we've been developing some supplemental options — available upon request — to help ease your 2024 CDP submissions:

    • A CDP'24 Spreadsheet, set up to enable collaboration and crafting of responses to every question possible for CDP's full corporate questionnaire. 
    • A Workiva-assisted "roll forward" of ESG Program metrics' Related ESG content, to automatically update metrics connected to 2023 CDP questions with their corresponding 2024 CDP questions and identify new CDP questions to consider for data collection.

    You can learn more in Support Center. Thanks!


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