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Processes - restart entire process




  • Mike
    Hi Jon!
    Thanks for sharing these recommendations. I've passed those along to our product team.
    Additionally, I have some workarounds for you to try out. To "restart" a Process, you could copy the Process and then 'rerun' it. If the Process has not completed, from within the Process monitor, you could select the action you want to restart and use the drop down menu to 'restart' for that single that action (i,e. underlying task).
    Does this make sense? Let me know what questions you have for me and if you need anything else. Thanks!
  • Jon Neufeldt

    Hey Mike,

    Copying processes isn't the most ideal as we only want to do that once every month or quarter when we roll-forward all the related Documents and Spreadsheets.

    The workaround we've tested, and will likely adopt, is to add a final task allocated to the process owner to confirm completion of the process. The owner therefore has the ability to keep the process "open" and restart previous tasks as needed until completion of the project.

    Not the end of the world, but definitely not as intuitive as it could be.

    Thanks for your time and attention Mike; as always, much appreciated.


  • Mike

    Thanks for sharing, Jon! I'll definitely pass this onto our engineers for their added consideration. Have a great rest of your day!

  • Pedro Andrade

    I agree with Jon.

    It is unpractical to need to clone the process just to run it once again...

    Let's imagine we are in Accounting and the process is supposed to Request Data from several sources and finally ends with the approval of the Main Accountant. Although, when it gets to the review of the CFO or the Board of Directors an error is detected, there could be a need to reprocess the whole or part of a certain process.

    In my case, as an implementer, I have to simulate processes to the client considering their reporting calendar and run it for UAT first and afterwards release a clean process to start. Cloning the process could actually work in this case but Workiva platform does not allow me to permanently delete my processes, even when I am a Workspace Owner and I have the Owner permissions over the Process. It only allows me to throw it to the trash and leave it there (unable to be deleted from the Trash).




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