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How to Parse columns of an excel file or query output using chains



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  • Mike

    Hi Leonard!

    I chatted with some of our experts, and they had the following suggestions for you.

    You could create a Wdata table for the Excel data to go into. Then have a Wdata query for each of the datasets you would like to create. Lastly, you can send the query results to the sheets in question. The specific Workiva commands can be found here.

    Another way to do it is to download query results, Get Sheet Data and then use tabular transformation commands to split the data as needed and write the data into the sheets. There are multiple ways to do this (Workiva commands, Tabular transformations in chains, Tables/Queries in Wdata, DataPrep ) but much depends on what you are are trying to do. In this instance, we'd suggestion reaching out to your CSM.