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When will filters become available in NextGen?



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  • Mike

    Hi Annie!

    Thanks for contributing to the AMA. Regarding this question, I assume you mean Filters in Classic Workbooks? If so, the great news is they are available TODAY in next gen Spreadsheets.

    In addition to Filters, there is also Filtered Views available, plus you can save those views for use later. Here’s a help Article on this in Spreadsheets:

    Let me know if I’ve missed the mark or you have any questions on the above. Thanks again and stay awesome!

  • Annie Ain

    Hi Mike thanks for your response. I should have specified that I was referring to documents, not Spreadsheet. As an example, we have statements in our NextGen document that we used to be able to apply filters to in Classic documents to easily hide blank rows and unhide rows with a balance. But so far, I have not seen this feature in NextGen documents, so each period, we have to go through 15 entities' statements (balance sheet, income statement, equity statement, and cashflow statement) so that's 60 in total that we manually update for blank rows, and since this is a manual process, it's prone to human error. A row could have a balance one month but nothing the next month (for example, bank indebtedness). In reporting, this is a big risk for us if a row is hidden but it has a balance in it, as the down adds would be incorrect.

    Alternatively, if there is a way we can automate this process with the click of a button that would be very helpful.

  • Anthony Miller

    Annie Ain I would be interested to see how this works in classic documents as I have been wanting a feature like this. Can you add a screenshot for how this works?

  • Mike

    Gotcha Annie Ain. Thanks for clarifying.

    The ability to filter an embedded table in next gen is planned for Q3, so keep your eyes peeled. You can follow our What's New topic to get those updates, but I've also connected you (and also you Anthony Miller) to that ongoing work so you can follow your requests here:

    Let me know if you need anything else or have any other questions. Thanks much and stay great!


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