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Chain - Error actions - output interpretation



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  • Jeff Hickey

    Hi Tania,

    You can verify the correct status of a command by navigating to a Chain run in Monitor, click on the node and view the OUTPUTS tab. The "Command Details" section will show the status. For example, if a node is successful, the status will be "succeeded". Because Command Details is JSON, the word succeeded will appear with quotation marks around it. More information here.

    If I am understanding you correctly, you have two Convert JSON to CSV commands. For both you are attempting to configure the Error Actions tab and the Output Interpretation. One of the Commands should warn on success, and the other should have a different status other than success on success. It sounds like this is not working as expected. Am I understanding the question correctly? It would be helpful if you are able to please post a screenshot of the issue and behavior you are seeing.


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