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Chain Schedule



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  • Jeff Hickey

    Hi Chad,

    Yes, there are several ways you could achieve this. Here are a couple examples.

    1. You could use Dynamic Variables and set the appropriate value based on the Chain Runtime. In other words, if schedule 1 is at 12:00 pm and schedule 2 is at 12:00 am, then you could look at the chain runtime value and set the Dynamic Variable value to A or B based on the time.

    2. You could configure your Chain to have Runtime Inputs. Then build one or more "parent" Chains that run on the various schedules and calls the main Chain. The parent Chains would pass in the appropriate values to the Runtime Inputs.

    Hopefully these examples can help you come up with a solution for your Chain.

  • Chad Weber

    Thanks Jeff

    Regarding option 2 - We're on the same page here. I've been busy working on this. Although possible, I didn't like the idea of creating more than one parent chain for each set of values.

    I like the idea you've listed under option 1. I'll look into this.



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