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Query Update with Chain



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  • Jeff Hickey

    Here are a couple of areas to begin troubleshooting:

    • Double check the Query Result ID is correct and is dynamically retrieving from Run Query command output.
    • Make sure that the same runner, such as CloudRunner, is being used in the two command.
    • Since your log shows that a Spreadsheet URL was not included, the command will attempt to create a new Spreadsheet. Please verify that the API Grant has access create a new Spreadsheet as well as the user associated to the API Grant.

    I recommend also reviewing the template Run Query with a Parameter Value From a Spreadsheet. While this template does include a couple extra steps for retrieving the parameter value from a Spreadsheet, it also includes the Run Query and Export Query Results command for reference.

    If you're still getting an error after making any necessary changes above, please post screenshots of the configurations of the Run Query and Export Query Results command for further review.

  • Mikel De La Torre

    Hello Jeff:

    The error came because the API Grant didn't have access to create a new Spreadsheet.

    Thank you very much for your help.



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