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Excel Indirect function



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  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Bob Graham
    I will set up an idea ticket for you to track progress on this functionality.
    We appreciate your feedback!

  • Samantha McDonald

    Hi, has this been developed yet? 

  • Tyler Ferdinand

    Hi Samantha,

    Our product team is still in the process of looking over this idea ticket. 

    Please check this thread in the future for the status/progress of the ticket.

    Thank you!

  • Franz Weinberger

    We would also appreciate to get that function in Workiva! 

  • Mike Bowden

    I wanted to inquire if the INDIRECT excel formula function has been added to Workiva?

  • Isabel Messore

    Mike Bowden,

    The INDIRECT excel formula has not been added to Workiva yet. However, it is on our roadmap and planned for Q2!


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