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Excel Indirect function



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  • Samantha McDonald

    Hi, has this been developed yet? 

  • Franz Weinberger

    We would also appreciate to get that function in Workiva! 

  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Bob Graham
    I will set up an idea ticket for you to track progress on this functionality.
    We appreciate your feedback!

  • Tyler Ferdinand

    Hi Samantha,

    Our product team is still in the process of looking over this idea ticket. 

    Please check this thread in the future for the status/progress of the ticket.

    Thank you!

  • Mike Bowden

    I wanted to inquire if the INDIRECT excel formula function has been added to Workiva?

  • Isabel Messore

    Mike Bowden,

    The INDIRECT excel formula has not been added to Workiva yet. However, it is on our roadmap and planned for Q2!

  • Jiang Chuanzhong

    hi, given INDIRECT function is not available yet, would you know a work around? i am trying to write a formula to lock a cell in another sheet, but it just cannot be kept dynamic. for example, we have two sheet1 and sheet2, sheet2 has column A , column B, and column C, every quarter a new column is inserted on the left to add a new quarter, but in sheet1 we want to always refer to column A even though it is a new column, with indirect we can easily realize that, do you know any other way to realize it? (we cannot use sheet2$columnA as it will shift to sheet2$columnB after a new column is inserted in sheet2 on the left). thanks very much.

  • Bob Graham

    You could try using Index and Match if your columns have a date header. Then you would just have to have something that changed the date each quarter. You could even compute that by looking at the "Max" of the row with the dates at the top of the columns on sheet2.

  • Jason Kotze

    Hi Isabel Messore, just checking in on the progress of this item.

    Noting this was on the roadmap / Q2 plan per above, do you have any insights on when we can expect to see it active?
    If there is a feature ticket, please add me to it to track updates. Thanks a lot! 

  • Isabel Messore

    Hi Jason Kotze

    This does remain a top item for our feedback team. Unfortunately, no update at this time but I'll be sure to get you added to the ticket so that you'll be informed when there's a change!


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