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Reviews with attachments?



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  • Commento ufficiale

    Fantastic news, attachment & review enthusiasts! You can now send a review and have the option to include attachments!

    Thanks for your feedback and patience along the way. We couldn't have done it without you!

  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the Community, Jaima!

    Happy to hear you are getting started with attachments. Our team would be happy to hear your feedback. Lemme tackle your questions here below.

    1. Today you could possibly do this by creating a Binder of your 10-Q and then downloading that as PDF. This would contain the Workiva document plus your attachments (with Markup if you want). To send this you'd need to still use email, sadly, but the good news is that sending the Binder digitally for review is on the horizon.

    2. Today there is not such a report available, though this is a great suggestion. I'll get that added for our product team's review. Similarly, the report to show which have been reviewed is also not available but I can add that to the request. One workaround may be to use Tasks to assign the reviews and provide a link to the Review (mentioned in this thread).

    3. You cannot create a link or a hyperlink to a document location with an attachment, though this is something we've seen requested. I'll get you added to this request on our end to stay updated.

    4. Similarly, this is not available today but also is one we've seen requested. I'll tag you in on that as well.

    I'll follow-up offline with some info on tracking your feedback/suggestions here. In the meantime, give me a holler if you have any follow-ups or need anything  else. Cheers and happy Friday!

  • Mike

    Quick update for ya. As mentioned here, you can now Send Binders for Review.

  • David Lerio

    Mike amazing news on attachments being available in Reviews! Big use case for us and this will definitely be well received by our end users. Thank you Workiva!

  • Mike

    You're more than welcome, David! 


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