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Labels inside a doughnut chart

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  • Mike

    Hi Courtney!

    Thanks for the question. If I follow you, you are looking to essentially have some text (or in this case, a numeric value) within the hole of the doughnut chart, i.e. a text box? If so, sadly, shapes are not support in Documents as of yet, though this is something we've seen requested before (see here). As noted on that post, this is planned to be done and I am happy to add you as a requestor there as well to keep you apprised.

    As a partial workaround, you could create this chart in a Presentation where text boxes are supported and when finished, use a screenshot of the chart + text box in your file.

    Let me know if I have missed the mark there, or you have any questions on the above. Thanks again and keep staying awesome!

  • Mike

    Hello all!

    You might have already seen, but earlier in Q3 the functionality for free-form shapes in Documents was added as part of the Designed Reporting feature extension. To fully access, you may need to contact your CSM or PSM. Here's some additional documentation on the enhancement as well but do let us know what questions you have have. Thanks again for your patience and feedback along the way. We couldn't have done it without you. 


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