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Removing Suspended Users from a Workspace

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    Pavan Batchu

    Hi Andrew, The Super Admin role is a role for someone from Workiva to do administrative things on our end. Thanks.

  • Regan Edwards

    Hi Iryna,

    Great question! Workspace owners can remove users from the workspace and Org Admins can remove from the Organization! On the other hand, Super Admins have the ability to unsuspend a user as well! 

    Hope this helps! 

  • Liani Castillo

    what is considered a Super Admin?  is that a certain role?

  • Andrew McKenzie

    I just stumbled on this (trying to find a support article about suspending users; by the title, I thought this would be it, but what I was actually looking for is a section within Manage users), but now I am also wondering what a "Super Admin" is. Or is that a deprecated role, as I haven't come across it in the documentation?


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