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Tester and Process Owner Permissions/Roles



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  • Isabel Messore

    Welcome to the Community Kenneth Heskett!

    In short - yes. The tester role "has more access" in terms of seeing more experiences on the left hand panel than the process/control owner. On the other hands, the ability to work is indicated at the permission level which is assigned to the person/user. So, removing the process/ control owners role should not affect their access.
  • Kenneth Heskett


    That is what I figured, but I wanted to be sure.  I have similar questions about Manager, Data Admin, and Workspace Owner.  I am assuming that Workspace Owner has all the system pivileges as Data Admin and Manager. Is this correct?



  • Isabel Messore

    You're close!

    Roles are broken down by workspace and organization. Roles at the organization level are different than roles at the workspace level. The Workspace Owner and Managers are involved in workspace roles. The Workspace Owner can be viewed as the "master" of the workspace roles and therefore has the same ability as managers and more! However, the Data Admin is an organizational role so you would need to update the organization role for the Workspace Owner.

    Hope this helps!


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