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New password required for login

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  • Mike Davis

    Hi Barbara!

    Happy to answer this one for you.

    We're rolling out these changes in waves across our differing locations and in this case EU ( and APAC ( are first with the US ( being last. This are kicking things off this week in increments to assess impact with hopes to be 100% complete shortly. We'll do the same in the US as well. We will update this post when the roll-out is final for each location so you can stay apprised.

    That being said, once your org has these new password settings enabled, users will be impacted the very next time their password is changed, whether by a manual reset, an admin reset, or if their password is breached (on a list of known exposed passwords). Their new password will now be under the new requirements outlined here and in addition if your Org previously used password only for sign on, i.e. no multi-factor sign-on requirements, after this new change users will be sent an email code for first login per device, along with the other password requirements. 

    Hopefully that helps answer your question but do let me know what follow-ups you have for me. Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Barbara Glenn

    Hi Mike, I clicked on the link titled 'outlined here" but it says I don't have access. 

  • Mike Davis

    Good catch Barbara Glenn! That article was replaced with this one: I've updated the link above too. Thanks for letting me know 🤗


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