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Spread Sheet ID using File Name using command in workiva




  • Jeff Hickey

    Hello Madhuri, if you created the new Spreadsheet using the Create Spreadsheet command, it's ID will be returned in the successful response.

    If you created the new Spreadsheet manually within Wdesk, it is possible to get it's ID in a Chain, but there is not a built in Workiva Command to do so. Alternatively, after you create the Spreadsheet manually, it's ID is available at the end of the URL. If you would like to retrieve the ID from within your Chain, you will need to use the Platform Spreadsheets API with the HTTP Request Connector. The steps specifically will be to use a POST command to Retrieve a token. Then use a GET command to Retrieve a list of spreadsheets. This list can be filtered to find the ID of the Spreadsheet you created.

  • Paige Ringhofer

    Hi Madhuri,

    Thanks for reaching out! I consulted with a few experts on this and they shared that if you create the copy manually there is not a way to grab that ID except for manually from the URL. If you “copy” a spreadsheet via chains you can capture that new ID. Our experts use the term “copy” loosely because the chains process to copy a spreadsheet does not bring over links, formatting, data validations, etc. it will just bring over the structure, content and formulas. Please let me know if you have any other questions!



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