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Exporting all comments




  • Mike

    Hi Jennifer!

    Great questions. The good news, assuming I am following you correctly, is yes to both your questions. Here's how you can do that.

    Workiva supports multi-doc PDF from Home. You can do this by bulk selecting files from your Home screen, or from a Folder. Anything in the Folder will be include in the PDF, including supporting files found there.

    From the pop-up window that follows, there's also an option there to Include Comments, which will bring them along if they are found in your Document, Spreadsheet and/or Presentation.

    The only caveat I have here based on your question is that currently you cannot comment on any supporting documents, i.e. non-Workiva files. That would be coming in the future with next gen Support Binders, which would support a PDF generation of that content.

    Let me know if this helps or you have any follow-ups for me. Thanks as always and keep staying great!

  • Mike

    I also forgot to mention, as noted on this Overview of Home article, there is a setting to show Comments in Home and those can be filtered and exported. This is not generally available but can be enabled per request. Let me know if you'd be interested and I can get that process going. And certainly holler if you have any questions for me or need anything else. Cheers!

  • Jenniffer Vielman-Vasquez

    Thank you....this certainly helps!

  • Mike

    You're quite welcome 😊

  • Nicole Sackedis

    Mike, a follow up question. 


    I have a nextgen document and i want to export it to pdf (or it can be word) but i want the export to only have certain comments from select days or person but not all comments.  Is there a way to do that?  As i have some users who need to have their comments exported with responses but they don't need to see everyone else's comments in the version i send them.  

  • Mike

    Great question Nicole Sackedis!

    Currently, though you CAN filter through your comments as such, it is not possible to export to PDF (or DOCX) and have it honor the same filter you have set. This is something that our Product Team is currently investigating, however, and I'm happy to connect your request for this with the team.

    In the meantime, give me a holler if you have any questions or need anything else. Thanks again and happy Friday!

  • Jeremy Berkus

    Is it possible to export to a docx with comments? I see the option available for a PDF but do not see the ability to export to a docx. Thanks!

  • Liz Walters

    Hi Jeremy Berkus,

    Thank you for asking! Although it is not possible today, this is an enhancement that our product team has planned. I have created a ticket to share your support of the feature with them, and we will keep you updated on any status changes.  



  • Katrina Sanderson

    Hi Liz Walters do you have an estimate on when this enhancement will be available for use (exporting to a docx with comments)? Thanks!

  • Mike

    Hi Katrina!

    Sadly there's not any new timeline for this enhancement. Though it does remain popular, it has been held back due to complexity and competing priorities. 

  • Mirjam Veenhof

    Hello, is it possible to export all comments on a doc to Excel? Thank you

  • Courtnie Carver

    Hello Mirjam, 

    Unfortunately, this is not possible today. However, we have had similar requests from other customers.

    We have created a ticket for you so that our products team knows we have another vote for this feature!

    Thank you for your feedback!


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