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Trial Balance



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  • Jake Talbott

    Hi Dustan! Great question and this is the goal of Connected Data for Reporting! Yay!

    Depending on the size of the data set, we offer a couple of options to include/start with trial balance in Wdesk:

    1. Spreadsheets - when we introduced Spreadsheets a few years ago, some customers are able to leverage Spreadsheet functionality to build out and sync their trial balance (Workiva for Trial Balance Automation).
    2. Wdata - Spreadsheets may not work for every customer though, and Stage 5 - Automating of the maturity model on the Content Hub is a great introduction to Wdata.

    I know that is a lot of links, but here are some links to relevant pages on the Support Center as well:

    I also recommend a great Wdesk University course: “Wdata for Data Managers: Financial Data” for a demo how to use Wdata for Trial Balance integration.

    Once the data is in Wdesk, the values can be adjusted and linked as needed to your financial statement line items, footnotes, and other supporting documents.

    Please take a look at these resources and reach out to Support with questions. We’d be happy to help you integrate your trial balance into the Workiva Platform!


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