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How to migrate ESG Program between workspaces?




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    Steve Stegelin

    Based on increased interest in this topic, we've introduced a new Help article in Support Center to help step through using Query to share tailored ESG Program data with other workspaces. Thanks!

  • Steve Stegelin

    Hi Sandhya! As discussed in this other thread, you can currently share an ESG Program with only GRC workspaces, to enable those workspace members — like your internal auditors — to create GRC Connections between their data forms and the Program metrics. 

    Sharing an ESG Program with other workspaces is an interesting idea, though (and you're not alone in that thought). Can you provide some context about what you'd want to share from the ESG Program? For example, sharing an ESG Program with a GRC workspace only shares the metric names and descriptions, not any values or data. Thanks!


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