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FERC Form 1 2023Q4 Taxonomy Now Available




  • Maria Balandran

    We rolled forward our Form 1 and migrated to the updated 2023Q4 Taxonomy but we're not able to generate XBRL. We get a failed message indicated "Profile period and year selected are not valid for the chosen taxonomy." Any ideas how to resolve this issue?

  • Lynn Kaminski

    Hi - in your "Identification and Certification" outline section, be sure this shows as Form Type 1 and Q4 2023 for the date.  Your taxonomy profile should also be Q4 2023.  Hope that helps!  

  • Sonny Jablonski

    Maria Balandran - we have a new article available that contains several tips & FAQs for items to check with your filing to make sure you are able to generate XBRL. The community post is titled FERC Annual Filing Tips - we hope this helps! 


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