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Email notification to preparer when review is done



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  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the community, Helen!

    Thanks for the question. Happy to provide some insights for you here.

    The answer here is both yes and no. Today there's not a notification button available for when the review process is done, however, this has been requested here and I'm happy to add you too as an interested party. We'll keep you apprised of that status as well.

    What is possible, though, is to ping someone either within the comments you make within the review or using a Task. For your preparer, did you @mention them in the comment, or just leave the comment? If you use the @mention function, it will send them an email with a link to that comment. They can mark any comments you have for them as Resolved too. Here's more info on Comments in Docs:

    For Tasks, you could simply assign a Task from your Home screen under the Tasks panel to the preparer and provide the link to the review (the same URL you see when you open the review) and then assign to the preparer. They will similarly get an email with this info and can mark this complete when they are done. More info on Tasks can be found here:

    Hopefully that helps. Let me know if there are any follow-ups or you have any questions for me there. Thanks again for stopping by and see you out there!


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