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Linking text when using styles


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  • Regan

    Hi Jenniffer,

    Because you are using a style guide in your link that may not be in Document Two where the destination is, let's start with editing our style guides. In your Document Two, in the edit tab select the drop-down under styles then edit style guide. 

    From the style guide editor, you are able to add another style. Try adding the same style guide as in Document One where the source is. 

    I have included a helpful article here. Let me know if you are still experiencing issues after trying this solution. 

  • Jenniffer Vielman-Vasquez

    Thank you Regan for replying.....I tried that and it still didn't like it. I'm not sure why. 

  • Regan

    Hi Jennifer! 

    Mmmm, interesting. Let's reach out to support as this might be a bug. I have included their contact below!