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Footnotes and XBRL can't be used together in the same document



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  • Mike

    Hi Michelle!

    I can understand your confusion here. We are seeing a few of these crop up and I am happy to shed a little light on this for you.

    First, the good news is you CAN use the footnotes feature and XBRL on your 10-K (or any other filing document). And similarly, they can be filed without issue. The only caveat here is that you cannot tag the footnotes, but in your case, having them in the MD&A is totally fine since no XBRL is found there.

    This message is there to warn against the case of tagging the footnotes themselves, so that you do not figure it out last minute that they can't be tagged. However, we are finding the wording of that message might not be that helpful and are looking possible adjusting it.
    Thanks for reaching out, and certainly let me know if you have any further questions. Happy filing in the meantime. Cheers!
  • Roman Magar

    Hi Mike, 

    This is helpful. I was getting the same error message, and it's confusing. I spent couple of hours researching. I think the wording should be changed and may be provide an option to acknowledge the error like "Confirmed" or "Resolved" so that it won't appear again. 



  • Mike

    Hi Roman!

    Thanks for your feedback here. Definitely happy to pass this onto our Product Team for their consideration. Let me know what questions you have for me in the meantime. Cheers!

  • Leonie Waterreus

    Hi, I got this message this year for the first time, so apparently this has not been solved by the Product Team. Took some effort to get to this article to understand it is harmless.



  • Mike

    Hi Leonie! Thanks for sharing. You're correct, this improvement has not been implemented as of yet. I will relay your experience onto our team for further consideration.