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iXBRL Regulatory Risks form a reporting standpoint



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    Clark Mahy

    Penalties related to XBRL are a legal determination and would be a SEC Enforcement question we cannot comment on. However, SEC staff, as part of public webinars, have stated that they do contact filers when XBRL data quality issues are observed in filings. Over the years, the SEC has released announcements and observations related to common data quality issues that they continue to identify. This includes items such as: scaling, date context, and extension usage.

    The SEC staff has also indicated, as part of public webinars, that there is high usage of XBRL data and a lot of the data is obtained by automated process. Additionally, the Inline XBRL format can provide new and better capabilities for filers to review their XBRL. It is our observation that XBRL review is a necessary part of the reporting process. It is important for filers to regularly review the XBRL of their filing for technical accuracy, utilize the latest available taxonomy for opportunities to replace extensions and modeling changes, and validate for completeness.