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Extensions with extensible list



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  • Mike
    Hi MB!

    The good news is yes, you can use an extension with an extensible list.

    Acceptable values for Extensible List are limited to elements in the standard or extended taxonomy. To apply an extensible list in Wdesk, first type the applicable concept with its prefix in a non-printing section as the
    fact value (e.g., “us-gaap:OtherAssetsCurrent” for a standard element and for an extension “companyticker:Extension”,) then create a source link and apply the extensible list concept (e.g., “RestrictedCashAndCashEquivalentsAssetStatementOfFinancialPositionExtensibleList”.)

    Note that Extensible Lists are optional and are not intended to be used on numeric disclosures. 
    For more use cases, see recent FASB XBRL Taxonomy Implementation Guides (link).

    Thanks, and holler if you have any questions. Cheers!