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Transforming Financial Reporting: Best Practices and Lessons Learned



3 條評論

  • Betty Chen
    Hi - unfortunately, I was unable to attend this webinar. Where can I sign up to be notified of all upcoming trainings like this?
  • Jenna Pettyjohn
    Hey Betty,

    Sorry that you missed the training-- but there will be more opportunities ahead!  For the best info regarding training, please shoot an email to & they will set you up with future dates and tons of info!
  • Mike
    Hi Betty!

    I'd also encourage you to follow our Events, Trainings & Webinars category here on the Community. Once you are following it, you'll receive an automatic email when new content is posted to the category. We try to give plenty of lead time for you sign up for the different events and offerings.

    Let me know if you need anything else in the meantime. Thanks as always, and happy training!