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Updates to the EFM and XBRL Validations



2 條評論

  • Tamara Hergert
    So, this is more of an additional question than an answer. I’ve read the community post and even though it explains the EFM rule and how to look at the warning in detail, it does not help resolve the warnings. To resolve these warnings, should I add two new rows to my DEI section and put a “false” as a value for these two line items, since we are not a Small business or an Emerging growth company, but instead a Large Accelerated Filer?
  • Mike
    Hi Tamara!

    I believe we have this question answered here, but to reiterate for others, yes, to resolve the warnings for the new DEI tagging requirements in the 2018 taxonomy, you'd need to include the new tags for Small Business and Emerging Growth Company in your DEI section.