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Confirming SEC statutory deadline for Q3 2022 accel filer Form 10-Q when 40 days deadline falls on Friday 11/11/2022, fed. holiday



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  • Mike

    HI Dina!

    Thanks for the question. I can confirm that yes, if filing due date falls on a weekend or an SEC holiday (such as Nov. 11, 2022 is) the filing is then due on the following business day. In the case of Nov. 11, since weekends are not counted, the next business day would be Monday, Nov. 14. We always do encourage filers to confirm with your legal counsel if they uncertain. Hopefully that helps answer your question. For additional reference, here's our 2022 SEC calendar of filing deadlines (based on calendar year-end filers).

    Holler with any other questions and have a great day!


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