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Pivot Table in Spreadsheets



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  • Mike

    Hi Becky!

    Thank you for your candor here. Sadly I don't have awesome news for you regarding pivot tables. As noted here, this feature has been marked as not planned, though it does continue to gain steam. I will definitely pass along your experience and will keep you updated should this get picked up in the near future. Thanks again!

  • Jen Ni Low

    Hi Mike, could you please advise if there is any update to have pivot table functionality available in Workiva? 


  • Mike

    Thanks for the note, Jen Ni Low!

    There's not any substantial updates to give, sadly. Our Wdata team was looking a solution but it has proven a bit challenging. For Spreadsheets itself, it's not on the short term radar but at least on the future roadmap. We'll definitely continue to keep you apprised here of any new updates.


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