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Electronic Tie outs



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  • Abby Wegner

    We created a non-printing section at the back of the report that ties out between various charts throughout the document. It was somewhat time consuming to put together and the drawback is the chart references are just the # of the chart in the document and you can't rename (this would be a nice enhancement). With that said, it saves A TON of time doing the internal checks and also serves a quick review before drafts go out that everything is still aligned throughout the report. As for footing/cross-footing, we just document that it was completed on a checklist (no mark-up).

  • Dale Karasek

    I too would like to see a feature where we could create our own tickmarks. For example, we use BS, IS, CF and EQ to agree information to these financial statements so if we could create a tickmark box with those references, we could then copy throughout where we need them. Yes, also a footed, etc. but we'd need the ability to customize for each companies needs. 

  • Kaitlyn Stephens

    Hi! We use the tickmark below for footed.

  • Jared Debord

    Has there been any traction on this question/request? We're about to do our first filing in Workiva and would like to use the markup features to facilitate our tie outs. Having the ability to create custom frequently used tickmarks (such as Dale Karasek mentioned above) would be a great addition.

  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the community, Jared! Happy to answer your question.

    There has been some continued interest on this feature, and we have also cross-posted this suggestion here to help it gain added traction. That being said, today it remains only proposed and under review by our product team. Should this get picked up for work, though, we'll be sure to keep you updated. I've added you as a requestor so you can stay apprised too.

    In the meantime, let me know what questions you have and if you need anything else. Thanks again for chiming in and happy Friday!

    P.S. Dale Karasek I've made sure to add you as a requestor as well. Kaitlyn Stephens, Abby Wegner and Lizette Cha let me know if you'd like to tag along as well.

  • Paige Nepper

    We are also exploring the electronic tie-out capabilities. In addition to the suggestions above, we would like to see time added to the Prepared By, Reviewed By and Approved By stamps.

  • Stephanie Han

    I also need to create tickmarks (Such as BS, I/S,FN#) etc and I found it very time consuming to create one, and move them to my desired spot. Before using Markup feature I was using Attachment label, I found it easier to use and consider switching back from Markup to attachment label. 

  • Charles Bassinski

    Any updates on this?

    A new view (without the standard comment view) that shows just the tie outs that allows the tickmarks/symbols/footing/cross-footing referenced above, but I think it would be helpful for Workiva to be able to flag to the users assigned to the tie out for any number changes and be able to print the view.  I agree with the above suggestion to have a workflow to show review/approvals of sections (Items, financials, footnotes, etc)


    It would be a huge time saver.  

  • Courtnie Carver

    Hello Charles, 

    As of right now this remains proposed with our product team. I have created a ticket for you so you can receive updates if it does get picked up for work. 

    Additionally, I have shared your comments with our team so they know we have another vote for this. 

    Thank you!


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