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How can we create separate pdfs under one folder?



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  • Mike

    Hi Christine!

    Great question. If I follow correctly, you are looking to essentially combine the PDFs you have into one package to then send to users who are not within your Workspace or Org? If that is correct, I can think of one way to do it in Workiva by utilizing Binders. Here's some steps I followed.

    1. Create a Binder

    From Home, select the + Create option and choose Binder.

    2. Upload the PDFs to your Binder

    In this example, I've picked three PDFs from my hard drive. You can also add Workiva files here too. Once done, you can then Publish the Binder.

    3. From the File tab, choose Save PDF 

    This option will bundle all the PDFs and/or Workiva files in the Binder together as one which you can then send out to non-Workiva users.

    Does this possibly work for you? Let me know if I've missed the mark or you have questions on the process. For more info on Binders, you can visit this section on our Help site. Thanks for your contributions and have a great day!

  • Paige Ringhofer

    Hey Christine!

    Thanks for reaching out! At this time you are unable to create multiple PDFs for single letter delivery. We would recommend bringing the outside people into the platform and utilizing the "Send for Review" feature. 



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