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Disconnected comments



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  • Officiële opmerking

    Hi Sally and Amanda!

    Wanted to let you know that recently released was an enhancement to disconnected comments. Now, when a comment is disconnected, it will appear at the top of the section margin in a Document, making it easier to inspect those disconnected comments.

    Thanks so much for your patience and feedback. Give us a holler if you have any questions and have a great day!

  • Regan Edwards

    Hi Sally, this is a great idea! I went ahead and proposed this idea to production!

    Anyone passing by is encouraged to vote up/comment on this idea! 

  • Amanda Taylor

    Yes, this disconnected comment issue is a problem for us as well! We close out comments but use for audit documentation/evidence of review. When a comment becomes disconnected because the text is changed, we have to hunt for where it would have originally been connected which isn't always easy to do.

  • Regan Edwards

    Amanda, thank you for your feedback! I will add you to this proposed idea! 

  • Sally Nguyen

    Many thanks Regan and Amanda for supporting this idea!! Look forward to see this going live soon :)

  • Stacy Gilbert

    It seems as if with this new release it still doesn't address this issue of where in the document the comment was actually disconnected from. The disconnected comment appears at the top of the section in which the original comment was made, but I am still unable to see exactly where in that section the comment was originally made.  And while highlighting the original text that was changed within the comment window is information, it does not help identify where that original text and thus the comment actually was in the document.  

  • Sally Nguyen

    Mike: Thank you all for the super quick response on my request, the ideal situation would be leaving the comment in the place where the text was deleted but until then this works well for now, at least the disconnected comments don't just float around :)

  • Mike

    No problem, Sally. That's a fair call there. Thanks for sharing as well Stacy Gilbert

  • Daniela Marin

    Hello, we would also be interested in this. We have sections within a chapter that have easily 10 or more pages, so it's very hard to trace to which specific section was this comment referring.  If leaving the comment exactly where the text was deleted is not possible, an idea could be to place this comment connecting the on the previous headline/sub-headline instead of the beginning of the chapter.  At least like this the user will have a hint on what the comment could be referencing to. 


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