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Improvements into the "Edit style guide" and create source link options



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    Fabulous news, friends! Please to announce that List Style Guides are now available in the Workiva Platform. To get started, simply open a Document, Presentation or Spreadsheet and from the Edit toolbar click "Edit List Styles" in bullet or Number list dropdown. From here, you can:

    • Change the color, indentation, and even the symbol for existing lists
    • Create new list styles
    • Remove unwanted list styles

    Thanks for your patience and feedback. We'll keep plugging away but do let us know what questions you have or if you have any further feedback to share. All the best and happy listing!

  • Mike

    Hi Rafael!

    Great suggestions, as always 🙂

    I do find an existing request for more bullet style guides, so I'll definitely add you to that body of work.

    Wanted to make sure I follow your second item. Are you saying inserting a table into a source link in text, like a paragraph of text with a table? Or something else?

  • Mike

    Quick update here: bullet style guide work is planned for Q3 2021. We'll keep you updated here, but certainly stay tuned to What's New for those product updates.

    In the meantime, let me know what questions you have or if you need anything else. Thanks as always and stay great!

  • Mike

    This has continued to be worked on and more enhancements to list style guides is planned for Q1 2022

  • Tatiana Nunes

    It´s Great!!


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