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Paragraph Formatting: Changing bullets size and color



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  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the Community, Soorajbhan!

    I'm happy to help answer this one. To do this, you need to select the bullet itself and not the text, and then you can edit its formatting only.

    You can choose a color for it and then next to the color, you can increase its font size to make the bullet bigger. The bold function would also work here too. In the end, you can have something like this.

    A caveat here is that when you make a return to add a new bullet, it won't have this unique formatting applied. However, a hack here i to use your format painter to apply the updated bullet format to the new line.

    Hopefully this help some. Let me know what questions you have, or if you need anything else. Thanks for your contributions and have a great day!


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