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Header in the document



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  • Mike

    Hi Arihant!

    To adjust your header margin size, you can choose to adjust your overall Document Margins through File > Properties > Document Properties > Page Formats. From here you'd adjust your Top margin to make it bigger.

    If you wish to only adjust some sections, you can click inside your header and then select the Properties icon from the right-hand panel. Here you can adjust the margins for the header.

    There is a checkbox here to set it the Same as section margins, at the very bottom, if it is possibly set to something else already.

    There's more info on Adding Headers and Footers on our Help site, but do let me know what questions you have on the above, or if you need anything else. Thanks as always and happy Friday!

  • Arihant Bengani

    Thanks for the quick response, it was helpful.

  • Mike

    You're quite welcome :)


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