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Moving Section out of Document to create new Document



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  • Mike

    Hi Jayne!

    Thanks for the question. If I follow you right, the best way to do this today would be to copy and paste that data over from the first document, to a newly created, blank document. Once that is done, you can delete the old section out of the first document.

    Another option could be to export that section of the first document to DOCX and then import that DOCX into Workiva as the new file.

    The only considerations I might make here is if any links (or XBRL, although not likely for narratives) to copy over, in which case the copy/paste is best. If no links are involved and the section is large, the DOCX method might work best in that case.

    Let me know if you have any questions on either of these approaches, or if I've missed the boat entirely and I'll be happy to help however I can. Thanks again and have a great rest of your day!

    Let me know


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