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reviewer role



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  • Mike

    Hi Jennifer!

    Happy to confirm that yes, a member of a Workspace with the Viewer role would be able to view any Reviews sent to them, as well as any live document they've be granted permission to view. Note that for Reviews, they do NOT need permission to the live file to be sent the review. Only if you want them to view and/or comment on the live file would they need permission to it.

    Give me a holler if there are any questions there, or you need anything else. Thanks much and have a great day! 

  • Liz Hinson

    Hi Mike...a follow up to Jenniffer's question. If I am setting up our audit team to receive review drafts online (not access to live files), is there a certain way to set them up in permissions that will only allow that review access?  

  • Mike

    Hi Liz!

    Happy to help here. The best course of action here would be to grant them them the role Limited Starter. This role is even more restrictive than Viewer. They can still be sent a review and access that.

    Another option could be grant them the Viewer role instead but remove them from the group All Users (this is always added to members by default). They will now not have access to view any content unless granted permission but can still be sent a review.

    Does that make sense? Let me know what questions you have on the above or you need anything else. Cheers!


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