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How to find hex code of a coloured cell?



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  • Mike

    Hi Imad!

    Thanks for the question. Happy to provide a few options for you here.

    Depending on your operating system (Windows vs. Mac) and/or your browser (Chrome) there are some options. For Windows machines, there is an application called Instant Eyedropper which works pretty great at snagging this sort of info. This is only available for Windows machines and of course, you may need your own IT team to vet this before installing.

    Additionally, you could use a Google Chrome add-on, such as ColorPick Eyedropper or Eye Dropper. I just tested both one and found it to work pretty well

    Again, though, you may need to have IT approve this add-on, especially if you don't have rights to edit your computer or applications

    I'll also add that we are looking into better ways at providing this info to you, so your feedback here is appreciated. In the meantime, let me know what questions you have or if you need anything else. Thanks again and chat soon!

  • Permanently deleted user

    I agree that a way to see what the custom color is in Wdesk would be helpful, especially when one user creates the custom color and you want to match it. We have some company branded colors, so in our presentations, I've added those codes off to the side of the slides so others can select the right custom colors. Another way is to screenshot the color you want, copy the image into Microsoft paint and use the eye dropper function to get the RGB code and then convert it to HEX using this website It might not be as accurate, but I've used this several times, so if you have a PC and don't want to download another application, I think paint and snip are standard applications.

  • Imad Kamal

    Thanks Mike and Jamie for the work arounds!

  • Mike

    Nailed it @...! That was gonna be another item I wanted to add, i.e. using MS Paint to get the RGB values and lookup the hex code from there.

    Happy to help, Imad. Holler if you need anything else.

  • Stephanie Hout

    I don't know if you saw, but you can save your custom colors. We distributed the codes for all of our company colors so everyone could save them on their palette.

  • Jill Nardo

    Our functional users are asking about getting eyedropper functionality in the tool. Any thoughts???  Thank you.


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