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Import InDesign Documents



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    Quick update here.

    Both importing IDML and exporting ICML are no longer in beta testing and are generally available. However, not all Workspaces have these enabled by default so if you find that it is not included  in your current Workspace, you can request to have either or both enabled. Just let us know in a comment below and we’ll get that going for you. Note that importing from IDML does not create a Workiva document file but imports as an XHTML file.

    Let us know what questions you have in the meantime. Thanks and have a super day!

  • Nancy Mentesana


    There is no way to import an ICML (only export) or other native file types from page layout software like InDesign. A stylized output can only be accomplished through two means. 1 -  isolated JPGs/images of your graphics or stylized elements. Naturally, you want to avoid this for material information. 2 - convert the file into a word output > upload > clean up manually to make it look like the design output from INDD as best possible. 

    Argyle (the company I represent) does this for many companies with stylized Wdesk docs through the Workiva partnership. Our recommendation is to take the second approach. Though it is more time consuming if you choose to do it in house, you will be able to carry the design forward in future years. You will also maintain the benefit of being able to update your content in contrast to working through your agency. If you do take this route, we encourage you to use style sheets in an effort to maintain design consistency from author to author.

    I hope this helps! Best of luck with your upload.


  • Mike

    Hi Alejandro!

    Great question, and thanks for your insights too Nancy Mentesana.

    A quick follow-up here regarding ESEF as well. With the new ESEF mandate, at Workiva we are adding capability to import an IDML file. While this work is not yet complete, it is currently in development and we are aiming to have this available around the end of Q4

    The process would look similar in that content is created in a Wdesk file, then exported to ICML. That ICML file is then imported to InDesign where designers can create the highly stylized report. Once they are ready to bring it back to Wdesk, the designer will be able to create an IDML export from InDesign. That file will then be imported to Wdesk where it will be translated to XHTML format. This process can happen continuously as updates are made.

    In order to conform to ESMAs guidance around XHTML, we recommend following the guidelines we have created to support designers in this process (link to Guidelines). By following this process, the design components will stay in tact, while conforming to ESMA requirements.Once the final XHTML file is imported, it will be included in the XBRL profile. If the front half and back half of the annual report are separate, this will stitch them together, if it is a single file, this will ensure that iXBRL is included for the filing submission. IDML files that are not sourced from Wdesk and do not follow our guidelines are not recommended. IDML files that do not follow our guidelines may not meet XHTML formats, and it is recommended to source the file from Wdesk to preserve iXBRL that may be included.

    We are still in the development and testing phase of this roundtrip story. As this is released, we will ensure we have instructions and information on how this process works. We also have a number of resources on our website including a Designer Welcome GuideWorking with Design in the ESEF and a Designed Reporting in Workiva Webinar.

    Hope this helps as well. Give us a holler if you have more questions or need anything else. Thanks and have a great day!


  • Jill Moats

    Mike thank you for the information on an import from InDesign. Is this available yet?

  • Mike

    Hi Jill!

    Currently that feature is available but only in beta, specifically for use cases where the final report format is XHTML. If that is the case for you, let me know and we can get things started on our end to enable import from InDesign for you.

  • Jill Moats

    Mike, as a Workiva partner we would have clients that this would be useful for that would need their report in XHTML format. That would be great if you could enable it for us to test out. 

  • Mike

    Thanks for reaching out, Jill. I've got a request going for you to see if we can get that done. We'll be in touch ASAP.


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