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Binder with Workiva Sections and Attachments - Support Binders



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  • Grace Reilly

    Thank you!  Yes, bringing our Excel based workpapers into Wdesk would be ideal.  We currently have a top tab for the disclosure itself with 'workpaper links' that tie amounts back to the following support tabs in Excel.  Standard tickmarks and/or tools would be helpful (i.e. for ties to the G/L, PY, footing, etc.).   Also, adding fields to note whether the workpapers were signed & dated by preparers and reviewers would be helpful.  Happy to share what we're doing in our Excel based workpapers if helpful.  Thank you, Grace Reilly 

  • Grace Reilly

    It would also be important for the workpapers not to be "attached" as PDFs but to be adaptable like actual workpapers.  Ideally would allow multiple users (preparers and reviewers) to work on the document and track authors, changes, version control.  In the past, I understand Attachments would only allow attaching a final versions of support . For Binders to become a Workpaper tool, it would need to allow for greater collaboration/documentation/controls than attaching static documents. Happy to show what we are doing currently in Excel.. Thank you.


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