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Freezing documents



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    Kirsten Baxter-Tjaden

  • Mike

    Another great one by Chuck 

  • jaimie kwok

    does this mean the links will no longer work if the document if freeze?

  • Chuck

    Ha Thanks Mike !

  • Dalisay Pingul

    Looking forward to when this will be available. It makes me nervous if I suddenly make a version but no actual change.

  • Madison Ames

    Hi Dalisay Pingul Thank you for your interest in this feature. Currently we have this feature prioritized and planned for release Q1 2021. You can check out other comments about this feature here and stay tuned on What's New for more updates. Thanks! :) 

  • Aaron

    I noticed the locking function is now available, but unfortunately it doesn't let you see what the formatting settings were for text or tables. This is critical when rolling forward and needing to add back tables for example that are only presented annually. Is it possible to still view the formatting that was used in a locked document? 

  • Dallas Thornton

    Agree with Aaron. And being able to easily follow links through with the double click. 

  • Kevin Walker

    Aaron, what formatting are you looking for specifically?

  • Aaron

    Good question. It appears I may have mispoken. It seems to be working now. Yesterday, it wasn't letting me click on the text of a locked document, but today it appears to be working.


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