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Printing vs. non-printing sections



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  • Officiële opmerking

    Great news! A recent release has now made bulk hiding/showing sections available. This can be accesses by right-clicking on the outline and selecting the icon. Note as well that this icon is slightly updated.

    Thanks so much for your patience and let us know what questions you have. Cheers!

  • Mike

    Hello again Annie Ain!

    At this time you cannot bulk select and change multiple sections to be non-printing. This is an excellent feature request and I've passed your feedback along to our Product Team for further review. In the meantime, let me know if you need anything from me or have additional questions.

    Thanks much and have a super day!

  • Dary Thouk Lim

    Hi, is this feature available now? It would be very useful!

  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the Community, Dary!

    Thanks for reaching out. I'm happy to share the current status.

    At this time work on bulk select non-printing sections not planned to be worked on by our Product Team. However, we will maintain Annie's suggestion here on the community so other users like yourself can continue to comment and vote on it to help it gain traction. On our end, we will continue will monitor those incoming requests and in case anything changes as far as status of this idea, we’ll update you and this post.

    I've got your request logged. In the meantime, let me know what questions you have. Many thanks for your contributions and have a great rest of your day!

  • Murphy Sauceman

    Just wanting to upvote this request as well! We have insurance filings, where we have Quarterly and Annual statements which are all in the same file. We utilize the non-printing feature when moving between our AS to QS. We sometimes have to pull in the AS language if we have a significant change since the end of the year. Anyways, just wanted to throw my hat in the ring!

  • Mike

    Thanks as always for sharing, Murphy!

  • Mike

    Quick update here. A recent release to Workiva has now made multi-select editing of sections possible, meaning you can select many sections, sheets or slides in a Document, Spreadsheet or Presentation and bulk hide them.


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