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Center align a table in a document



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  • Mike

    Welcome to the Community, Mallory!

    Thanks for the question. I'm pretty sure I can help here.

    There's a related post here about left aligning a table, and the process would be much the same. Indeed, it can be a little tricky but essentially you need to select the entire table and then change its alignment. To do that you have to either double-click next to the table or click and drag your mouse over the whole table, like so:


    Does this help at all? Let me know if I've missed the mark, or you have any additional questions for me. Thanks again for your contributions and have a great rest of your day. Cheers!

  • Mallory Barnes


    Thanks I saw that post earlier. I think the key component which other users may be missing as well is this important step: you have to click out of the table completely. THEN select it as you would text and then hit center. I just figured this out. If you are selecting the table and highlighting it all, it will not work. You have to click out first. 


  • Mike

    That's a fair call, Mallory. I was probably taking that for granted as a very frequent user of the product. Indeed, you can't click at all in the table, but instead you click outside the table. Good call there and thanks for the follow-up.

  • Paul Goode

    I cannot get the table to center. Honestly, I don't understand why this is not a table property.


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