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Tab stops - available in tables in next gen Docs?



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  • Mike

    Howdy Robert Fecher,

    Thanks for reaching out. I can say that yes, tab stops are now available in next gen Documents (and Presentations). In addition, they are also supported in Transition Tools, meaning if you transition a classic Document from Home that has tab stops, they'll also be transitioned too. In your case, are these tab stops ones that were transitioned over, or were they inserted in an already transitioned/created next gen Document?

  • Mike

    Hi Robert!

    I have some follow-up for you, after chatting with the team here.

    Currently, we do not fully support tab stops in table cells. However, they can be pasted into table cells and should render correctly though manipulating tab stops in a table cell isn’t a great experience. If a tab stop is added to a table cell in error or needs to be removed, a clear formatting on the cell should remove it.
    Let me know if any of that helps, of what questions  you have for me. Thanks!
  • Robert Fecher

    Mike That answers my questions. I thought the recent "What's New" indicated that tab stops (including in table cells) were fully supported, which is what was causing the confusion. Thanks!


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