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Compare document with previous filings



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  • Trisha Kassner

    You could use the taxonomy analyzer, but it won't show filings filed with iXBRL. Not sure if they've updated anything to account for this or not yet. 

  • Mike

    Hi Liz!

    Just catching up on this question. Are you looking to compare the files as it is on the SEC site, or from within Wdesk, i.e. one 10Q document against another 10Q document? Either way, I can't think of way using Wdesk that you could perform that task, unless the very first revision of your Wdesk document was created from a copy of the previous filing. In that case, a blackline against revision 1 would show the changes. Otherwise a MS Word compare could be an option, if you had a DOCX version of both files.

    All that aside, I've passed this along to our Product Team team to look at but if I've missed the mark entirely or you have any questions for me, let me know and I'll be happy to help however I can. Thanks again and happy Monday!


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