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Can I draw/create a circle around a number in a presentation?



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  • Mike

    Hi Kellie Volpicelli!

    Thanks for the question. I'm happy to help answer.

    The good new is yes, you should be able to draw a circle around your values in your Presentation. There's actually a few ways you could go about it. Here are the top two that come to mind.

    Insert the value within a shape
    Many shapes in Presentations allow you to add text/numbers within them directly. You can also link this value too. When inserting the Shape, simply click inside it and a cursor should appear, like so:

    Insert a shape on top of your value
    The second option here would be to simply insert the shape you want, in this case a circle, and drop it right over the value within your Presentation. You can format your shape to have a transparent background too. Here's a quick example:

    In both cases you can edit the shapes size, the thickness of its line and the color of it, i.e. you could make it red. Do either of these achieve what you want?

    Let me know if I've missed the mark or you have any questions for me on the above. Thanks again and holler if you need anything else. Cheers!

  • Kellie Volpicelli

    Thank you Mike!  The second option worked perfectly for me :)

  • Mike

    Excellent, that's great to hear!


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