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Ticks on Zero Line in a chart in Presentations



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  • Rachael Abdelkhalek

    Hi Mitch!

    There is not currently a way to add ticks to the zero line. I will note this request with our development team to make sure they're aware that this would be helpful for you!

    Can you add any more detail on how this would be helpful for your process that I can communicate back to them, for example how you use the tick marks? 

    Thanks for the question!

  • Mitchell Gates

    Hi Rachael,

    We are looking for consistent format for the charts and graphs since they will be used in our quarterly earnings presentations. Bar graphs with both positive and negative columns look odd when placing ticks on the bottom axis rather than the zero axis.


  • Rachael Abdelkhalek

    That's really helpful, I'll make sure to pass along those additional details! Thanks, Mitch! 


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