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Can you have different page layouts within one section of a document?



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  • Mike

    Great question, Corrina!

    You are correct, in order to have the varied page layouts as you describe, they would need to be in separate sections. The good news is that is is possible in both classic and next generation Documents. To adjust in classic, go to Section Properties and then Page Layout. The process is described further here on our Help site:

    To adjust the orientation/layout in next gen, similarly go to Section Properties, which is on the right-hand panel. From here you can toggle the Orientation, like so:

    In both cases, when one section is set to something different than its adjacent sections, a page break is required. However, the nice thing about next gen is the sections are more seamless than in classic and the whole file remains a free flowing document, even if some are Landscape and some are Portrait orientation, like so:

    Hope this helps some. If you do have any questions on the above, or need anything else, just let me know. Thanks again and stay awesome!


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