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Blacklines - line numbers (Classic/Next Gen)



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  • Officiële opmerking

    Quick update: a recent release to Workiva has now made line numbers available. Continue to keep your eyes peeled to What's New for this functionality in blacklines as well. Thanks for you continued patience and happy Friday! :)

  • Mike

    Hi Linda!

    I did a quick check with the Product Team here and confirmed that yes, line numbers are planned to be available in next gen Documents later this year. And any saved version of the document or blackline would also have line numbers. If you're not already, I'd recommend following our Release Notes or What's New topics to stay up-to-date on releases.

    Let me know what questions you have in the meantime or need anything else. Thanks for your continued interest and have a super day!

  • Heather Whitney

    Good afternoon - is there an update on status of this functionality?  curious when it might become available.  Thanks!


  • Andrew Korte

    Hi Mike - have there been any updates on this functionality? I am also wondering when it might be available. Thanks!

  • Mike

    Hi Andrew Korte and my apologies for missing you before Heather Whitney.

    I can at least update you with a more solid timeline for both features. Line numbers are planned to be available in mid Q3 2020, and they'd be available in blacklines soon after that. I've created requests for you both and attached them to the ongoing ticket internally for this release. You can stay updated there, but I'll also close out this post when they are officially released, which would also be mentioned in a What's New too.

    Thanks so much for your feedback and patience. Do let me know if you have any questions for me or need anything else. Have a great day and keep staying awesome! 


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